Will I be asleep for the procedure?

You will be lightly sedated. You’ll receive medicine to help you relax through an IV and a local anesthetic to numb the access site.

How soon after the procedure can I eat?

In most cases, you will be able to have cold liquids to drink early on in the recovery period. A light snack will be provided for patients prior to discharge.

Do I need to have someone stay with me after my procedure?

Yes. You will need to arrange a caregiver to stay with you throughout the overnight hours following your procedure.

Can I drive myself home after my procedure?

No. The medications used during your procedure impair judgment and make driving dangerous and illegal.

What should I expect at home after my procedure?

Patients typically feel well after their procedure but may have some tenderness/bruising at their access site. Physical restrictions are limited but include not driving for 24 hours or submerging the access site in water for 72 hours. You’ll be sent home with written instructions related to your post-catheterization care.

Who do I contact for questions regarding payment or insurance coverage for an upcoming procedure?

Please contact our billing office at 727-445-1990 to speak with an Insurance Verification Specialist.

Why did I receive more than one bill for the same surgery?

You may receive charges from both Cardiovascular ASC, LLC which is the facility fee for your surgical procedure, and your physician’s office, which is his fee for performing your surgery.

What is your payment policy?

Unless arrangements are made in advance, full payment is due prior to your surgery date.

If you anticipate difficulty in paying your bill please let us know immediately.

When should I expect my first bill?

We will bill you any balance due after your insurance company has paid your claim.

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