ILR Explant

ILR explant procedures are performed to remove an implantable loop recorder (ILR) that was previously implanted. The ILR may need to be removed for several reasons.

Why ILR Explant is Performed

An ILR explant is necessary when the ILR is no longer needed or when the battery in the device is depleted. A patient may no longer need an ILR if the cause of their symptoms has been diagnosed. If there is a cardiac cause of the patient’s symptoms, then the ILR can be removed while the cardiologist prescribes the proper treatment. If the cause is a non-cardiac condition, then treatment can be given by the appropriate healthcare provider (or team of providers). Some patients opt not to have the ILR removed. The decision to remove it is made between the patient and their primary cardiologist.

What to Expect

Having an ILR explant is a minimally invasive procedure. The implantation generally takes less than an hour to perform, but you can expect the process to last several hours because it takes time to prepare for the implantation and you will be monitored afterward.

Before the Procedure

After checking in to the Cardiovascular ASC, you will be taken to a patient room where a specialist will insert an IV. Sedation is usually not required for this procedure. Local anesthesia is used similar to implant. You will be fully awake.

During the Procedure

During the procedure, your doctor numbs the skin over your chest and makes a tiny incision in the skin and tissue of the pocket containing the implantable loop recorder. The doctor removes the ILR and closes the incision with sterile pieces of medical tape. Occasionally a single self-absorbable suture  (stitch) is required. 

After the Procedure

Your healthcare provider will monitor you after the procedure. In most cases, you can go home within an hour. You’ll need to have someone drive you home from the ASC after the procedure.

Be sure to follow all of your doctor’s aftercare instructions. Tell your healthcare provider right away if you have heavy bleeding from your incision, a fever, or other severe symptoms.

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