Pacemaker Generator Exchange

If you’ve had a pacemaker implanted the battery in your device should last 7 to 15 years depending on how often your heart requires pacing and the different features being used to properly pace your heart(each patient is different). Your doctor will check the battery in the pulse generator regularly to monitor it. When the battery starts depleting it will trigger an Elective Replacement Indicator (ERI) which will indicate that you’ll need pacemaker generator exchange surgery to replace it. 

What to Expect

The procedure to change your pacemaker’s battery is often quicker and requires less recovery time than the procedure to implant your pacemaker.

Before the Procedure

Your physician or a member of their team will tell you how to prepare for the procedure. You may need to stop eating or drinking anything after midnight on the day of your procedure. Arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you after the procedure.

During the Procedure

You may be given IV sedation to make you feel calm and relaxed during the pacemaker generator exchange procedure. You may also be given local anesthesia to numb the procedure area. With local anesthesia, you may still feel pressure or pushing, but you should not feel pain.

The cardiologist will make an incision in your chest, unplug the leads from the generator and inspect them for damage. Then the physician will connect the leads to the new generator. The new generator will be inserted through the incision originally made. The incision will be closed with stitches, medical glue, or medical tape and bandaged. The procedure usually takes about 30-60 minutes, but expect to be under observation in recovery for 2-3 hours after the procedure.

After the Procedure

After the pacemaker generator exchange, your heartbeat will be monitored. They will also check your pacemaker with a machine to make sure it is working correctly. Follow the recovery and aftercare instructions provided by your doctor on resting and how to care for your incision. You may have bruising or pain near your incision, but those should resolve within a few days of the procedure.

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